How To Distinguish Between Neoprene and Neosupreme Seat Covers

Neoprene and Neosupreme are the two materials creating a buzz in the seat cover arena. Though both of them sound similar, they are different as chalk and cheese. Each material has its own set of characteristics and advantages. Most of the vehicle owners are confused between the two fabrics and are duped by fake companies. It is important to know the distinct characteristics of these two fabrics before you make a decision to install them in your vehicle.

The neosupreme seat covers are made using Neotex. The material costs less than Neoprene but provides great benefits like good comfort, optimum protection and a perfect smug fit. The seat covers are highly UV resistant and do not fade in harsh light. The neosupreme material is water proof and stain resistant. The covers have a foam backing and a soft and elastic outer cover that gives them a sporty look and offers comfort to the passengers. There are a lot of variations available in neosupreme seat covers. The price of these covers depends on the thickness and the quality.

The Neoprene material is made from Chloroprene rubber. This material is used in designing swimsuits, which offers them a water-resistant quality. The rubber acts a barrier and prevents water from reaching the seats original fabric. These covers are thinner in comparison to the neosupreme seat covers because of the use of rubber. The use of costly Chloroprene rubber is what makes these seat covers expensive than neosupreme.

A distinctive quality of neoprene is the presence of odor caused because of the use of rubber in manufacturing them. The neosupreme seat covers do not have this odor. Vehicle owners can make out the difference between the two products just by sniffing around to detect the distinct odor from the neoprene covers.

Just carry out a thorough examination of the seat covers offered by your supplier to know their real quality. Know the difference between the neoprene and neosupreme seat covers and avoid getting cheated by the suppliers. Opt for a genuine and reputed seat cover manufacturer to ensure you get quality seat cover for the price charged. Both the fabrics offer similar kind of protection and comfort, so choose wisely and avoid getting duped by the seat cover manufacturers.