How To Find A Budget Hotel In Sukhumvit

Traveling to Bangkok Thailand? Certainly you will need to find a budget hotel in Sukhumvit, whether for business or leisure. There are several ways to process your booking into a hotel in Bangkok. You either search for wonderful hotels online or compare prices when you get to the city. However, not many tourists want to risk roaming around the city, especially with unfamiliar streets to go to. So searching online is the best option. Here are tips to help you find the best hotel in Sukhumvit:

  • Location

What are your plans when reaching Bangkok? To find a suitable hotel, you need to determine the best location for your stay. Bangkok is divided into many areas including Sukhumvit, Riverside, Siam/Silom, Ramkhamhaeng, Ratchadapisek and Bangna Trad. There are many hotels that provide you affordable rates, and you can even get a decent room for only 1600baht or less per night.

  • Transportation

How do you plan to get around town? There is the BTS sky train, which can take you around the city quickly and even in rush hours. You can look at the location of potential hotels and see if it is just a walking distance from the sky train. If you aren’t comfortable with heights, you may prefer the MRT. You only spend 120baht for unlimited access of the MRT. For 16 to 44baht, you can buy a one-day pass and travel the BTS getting on and off wherever you like.

  • Negotiate

Europeans and Americans are not used to the idea of bargaining over price; however, in Bangkok, this is expected. Yes, you can actually bargain for a budget hotel in Sukhumvit rated three stars or more. All you need to do is ask for special rates or discounts when searching for a hotel in this area. Be polite too as it is extremely important to the Thai society.

  • Research

When you book online, ensure that you are booking on a particular hotel that’s right for your needs. You can read reviews and feedbacks to get information about the hotel. Ensure you take time before making a decision. You don’t want to end up in a substandard room just to save a little money. Also, book through the hotel’s website to obtain the best offered rate.