How To Get Married In The Best Phuket Wedding Resorts

Phuket may not be as renowned as what Las Vegas has for weddings, but several couples have finally decided to tie the knot here. The best Phuket wedding resorts provide the engaged couple with steep discounts on food and lodging as they want their most important day celebrated in this resort. A surprising number of resorts have constructed a small chapel to hold weddings facing the ocean. You get to choose between sunrise to sunset!

The best Phuket wedding resorts are now hiring professional wedding planners to handle these affairs for themselves and the engaged couples. These multi-lingual professionals utilize their knowledge about international and local cuisines as well as local flora to design a professionally executed wedding.

Wedding tuxedos and dresses can be customized and tailored locally. Certainly, there are choices of fabrics from amongst the best in the world including the internationally recognized Thai silk and other handwoven fabrics.

Furthermore, wedding, bridesmaid and flower girl dresses can now be purchased ready-made or custom designed. There are also choices of silver, gold and other precious stone jewelleries which is incomparable worldwide, and can be purchased at relatively low prices.

For those wanting to get married in Thailand, they just need to follow certain considerations:

  • If they want their wedding recognized as legal back home, they will need some proper paperwork prepared ahead of time. You will need to visit the local embassy (in Bangkok if you travel to Phuket) to get an official letter stating that you are both single and legally available for marriage. If divorced, you will need a proof of the divorce before the embassy can issue this letter.
  • Once the documentation is signed, you need to go to the Thailand Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok and have it translated into Thai and officially stamped and sealed.
  • Now you are prepared for a marriage license in Phuket Town. There will be more paperwork to complete before a license is issued and is valid back in your home country. Many engaged couples consider the assistance of the Bangkok Translation Services (BTS) to help them with the formalities of the wedding.

An agent can help handle all the paperwork for you, while allowing you and your spouse to enjoy a holiday at one of the best Phuket wedding resorts to commemorate your soon-to-be wedding.