How To Identify A Qualified Real Estate Agent

There are several Pattaya real estate agents that you can easily find on the internet and even in your network. However, you can never be sure if the real estate agent that you are considering is reliable and professional enough. To find out if you are looking at the right real estate agent, consider the following indications.

License and certificate

Look for the real estate agent’s license and certificate as a proof that he has met the standards provided by real estate regulating bodies. A licensed real estate agent means that he has gone through proper training and education for him to be warranted with license to deal with properties in a specific area. A certified real estate agent also means that he has ample years of experience in the field with a good number of properties disposed. To validate license and other related information, check the local organizations for real estate property agents.

Professional in dealing

Before hiring Pattaya real estate agents, schedule a meeting with him. Observe the way the agent conducts himself. Is he polite and presentable? Is he knowledgeable in the field? Find out the number of years he has been in the business and the number of properties he has successfully disposed. The real estate property agent should also arrive on time, if not earlier than the scheduled time. Find out if the real estate agent has a website and if it is professional enough. Ask for the agents contact details such as his email address and mobile phone. It would also be impressive if the agent has a calling card for a more professional appeal.

Positive customer feedback

One of the things that you should check among Pattaya real estate agents is what their previous customers have to say about them. Ask for contact information of their customers and property owners and make time to talk with them. Choose the real estate agent that yields positive feedback from his customers and property owners. You can also check on discussion boards for information about your target real estate property agent.