How To Minimize Noise Pollution In An Apartment

Can you soundproof a window? One of the sad facts of life is the challenge faced by people living in apartments. The sounds made by noisy neighbors can disrupt sleep. The noise of television or a blaring sound system can be a nuisance. With the right windows, noise can be dramatically minimized and create a more desirable indoor environment.

Aside from soundproofing the windows, a quieter household can be achieved by using soundproofing materials like cotton, foam and felt on the walls. A lot of noise can be absorbed by adding soft surfaces on glass, plaster and timber. However, you will be sacrificing the aesthetics of the room. For a stylish look, use decorative fabric, pieces of art or greenery on the hard surfaces. Another option is to decorate the walls with picture frames, tapestry or hanging plants.

The same rationale as above can be used on the floors. Rugs and carpets can be spread on the floors to prevent sound from bouncing. Carpets can easily muffle the sound of shoes indoors. The high pile carpet designs are the best when it comes to minimizing noise. If you are not fond of carpets, install a bookshelf on the wall. Thick and heavy books can provide excellent sound insulation and can make the space look more sophisticated.

Do not ignore the cracks below the door because it serves as an entry to sound. By adding a door guard, you will be able to mitigate the noise from outdoors. Aside from minimizing noise pollution, door guards help in keeping cold or hot air out depending on the season.

It also pays to take a good look at your doors. A solid wood door is an effective sound barrier. You can make a sound investment on a sturdy door for your bedroom to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

For those who are asking “can you soundproof a window”, the answer is definitely yes. By using double glazed windows, the acoustic performance of the window can be improved by 20 to 25 percent. Noise pollution can be effectively minimized by integrating laminated glass on a new double glazed window. Laminated glass can efficiently dampen sound and vibrations.