How To Save On Airport Transfers Port Douglas To Cairns

Your transportation for airport transfers Port Douglas to Cairns and back to the airport again may be minimal but it will still leave a dent on your holiday budget if you will not be more circumspect in choosing a shuttle service company.  Although it is a good thing to look for a cheaper service, make sure that you are getting better value for your money. The cheapest service may not be the best so it would still be wise for you to exercise due-diligence, not just in booking transfers but in all your expenditures. Here are tips on how you can lower your transportation costs in Port Douglas.

Book in advance

Booking your shuttle service in advance saves you from high taxi fares and transportation costs at the airport. Taxi fares are generally higher in the airports especially that tourists are not that knowledgeable of the place and the regular fare costs from one point to another. Aside from that, you are also saved from the hassles of competing with other passengers who are also looking for airport transfers Port Douglas to Cairns. If you have a ready shuttle service at the airport, your vacation becomes comfortable and hassle-free.

Look for discount coupons and deals

Search for discount coupons on the internet and see how you can save money on transportation costs. Some shuttle service companies offer discount coupons online as a way to encourage potential customers to book with them. Before you book for a shuttle service, check some online first to find discount coupons. Some companies also offer deals such as free shuttle service if you would book at a recommended hotel.

Ask the hotel for shuttle service

You can also save on your airport transfers Port Douglas to Cairns by checking on your hotel’s shuttle service. Some hotels offer free pick-up at the airport for their guests. This can lower down your transportation cost while travelling and at the same time, this will make your holiday an even more comfortable trip. Hotels usually utilize good vehicles to impress their guests.