Introducing Bondi-Fuse: Applying Hair Extensions In Bondi

Brenda Dennis is an extraordinary stylist and make-up artist.The inventor of Bondi-fuse is back to spread the technique to thepresent generations of stylists. Bondi-fuse is an incomparable method of applying hair extensions. It is when hair extensions in Bondi come as a useful method for shiny, glowing hair.

Dennis may not be a hairstylist per se, but she has been using the Bondi-fuse technique for over two decades now and has styled few of the world renownedcelebrities.

The technique got its popularity a decade ago, which made her provide possibilities to hold teaching classes locally and around the world, to include New York, England and Sweden – where she lived for many years.

She once stayed in Jamaica and had gone touring for the Heart School of Cosmetology, where she trained salon owners the Bondi-fuse technique.

Here is Dennis’ reply on why she invented a disparate hair extension application method. She claims that she wanted something that will work for her without caring about weaves. The ladies needed constant treatments on their scalps so she offered something free. People start to ask if the weave can grow, but she said that it should fall out once removed. You need to pamper your scalp with a lot of care and conditioning.

Hair extensions in Bondi are usually tied to a small section of hair through small amounts of extensions. It is wrapped in a special fibrefor sealing. The whole process takes around 2 ½ hours, where the extension is encased in the hair.

What’s great news about this technique is that Bondi-fuse is not affected by swimming and the altering weather conditions. There is even no need for special types of shampoos or conditioners.

The techniques in Bondi-fuse hair extension was formally introduced by Dennis as an option when weaves and wigs are an option. She also provides instructional materials available through classes,seminars and DVD collections, which are currently available for purchase. It’s one great way to popularize the method among stylists and women who choose to have hair extensions in Bondi for a shiny, glowing hair.