Is The ‘Domesticated’ Design The Future Of Office Spaces?

With about 65% of Australians spending greater than forty hours in the office, Futurespace, a top design and architectural agency, has designed ‘domesticated’ offices for StatePlus and RSM Australia, which oppose the concept of a corporate office.

Futurespace’s Managing Director Angela Ferguson mentioned that a domesticated workplace not only has some elements of a home, it is a total integration of the domestic elements that transforms a whole office to a home-styled retreat.

She explained that ergonomics is one top consideration – residential furniture is for lounging.

She added that the residential furniture’s quality are not up to the commercial standards, and these are crucial considerations when designing offices in a residential way.

The impact of this trend in the workplace

When a company completely integrates the domesticated workplace, having opportunities for relaxation, social interaction, amenities to exercise or eat, there are increased rates of satisfaction, productivity and retention, as Ferguson has explained.

She added that a domesticated workplace shows the solid relationships created in the office.

Companies that domesticated their offices

The StatePlus office in Nishi Building, Canberra was designed to align the space with their company’s culture. It also allows the 23 employees various space choices to work in.

Ferguson said that it has an open atrium, which brings a lot of light to the building and makes a great meeting spot for employees’ families.

According to Ferguson, the office is ergonomic and professional, aside from having a residential feel. They added private, informal, team and collaborative spaces, as well as a big kitchen to bring employees together.

The RSM Australia office located at 60 Castlereagh Street in Sydney accommodates 145 employees and has a 2,343 square meter space.

Ferguson said that they created an office that showed the social but hardworking workplace culture. They did this by adding a lot of design elements such as a large open kitchen with a big bench for the companies’ gatherings. They also added indoor greenery, as well as many reading nooks and break spaces.


StatePlus and RSM Australia are two of the organizations that embraced the domesticated workplace design. Ideal Office Furniture can help other companies which intend to do the same with their offices, with their great furniture pieces and modern designs.