Kinnick On Canvas

The seventy thousand fans in the stands of the Kinnick Stadium were not able to take their eyes away from the field after the Hawkeyes beat the Wolverines last November.

Artists on the sidelines

Except for Heidi Schickel and Elinor Krieger-Coble, who almost did not watch anything from the game. They brought along their sketchbooks and drew players that are waiting to be in the game and huddling for warmth, coaches that are conversing in the benches, fans that are in the stands, the cheerleaders and marching band –  every single detail of a huge, loud and colorful Big Ten game during a chilly night in autumn.

These two artists were commissioned by the UI Department of Athletics. For the entire season, Krieger-Coble was in attendance of the home football games of the Hawkeyes to make an exhibit of paintings and drawings about them. She was joined by Schickel later on, in time for the game with the Wolverines.

The other football teams have photographers, but the Hawkeyes have artists.

According to Gary Barta, who is the UI director of athletics, they love innovative ideas similar to this that show how the resources from the athletic department are used in terms of learning opportunities by all students in the entire campus, not just the student-athletes.

Works on display

The work of the artists are going to be displayed on exhibition from January 15 to 21 in the Visual Arts Building’s Gallery E148. There is no admission fee, and it is open for the public within the normal building hours.

Schickel and Krieger-Coble are senior undergraduate art majors. Schickel is from Andalusia in Illinois, while Krieger-Coble is from Mount Union in Iowa. Their work showcases varying styles. Schickel is more uninhibited, having paint dribbled and slashed in the canvas that is more of an abstract style. Krieger-Coble applies the paint with precision and carefully, and she has influences from the early 20th century.


These artists’ own display of artwork or Photos on Canvas is a unique way to showcase their talents and the entire football experience, from the players to the coaches to the fans.