Knowing The Benefits Of Coworking Space In Bangkok

A rising number of today’s generation have opted for an alternative to office buildings as these young professionals seek newer working environments.

The coworking space in Bangkok has grown to be a popular trend allowing individuals to share their office space and its facilities while doing their own business activities.

The coworking space may have begun some years back in some countries, but now it is emerging in Thailand.

According to Deskmag, in the last five years, coworking space has incremented from 3400 locations in 2013 to about 13,800 projected in 2017.

The numerous growth is probably due to the rising start-ups, which is most preferred in a workspace and supported by technology where digital wanderers can work anywhere at any time.

The figures of coworking space in Bangkok have grown from a fewer 20 to over 100 locations over the last five years. However, unlike those countries where coworking space are found in buildings, the coworking space are found in independent cafes with a number of working facilities.

In Bangkok, some coworking space operators have shifted from being a retail space to providing services in office buildings. Regus, renowned to be a serviced office operator, offers these spaces in their centers.

From a landlord’s viewpoint, the benefit of having a coworking space in an office building will enhance occupancy and diversity in the workplace.

Most of them also provide meeting rooms for rentals. It can also be a facility where other end users can utilize.

However, using a coworking space will greatly affect the security of the building as the users are hard to track. For end users, working hours may tend to be inflexible as compared to renting an independent building or retail space.

From the end-user’s viewpoint, they can find more vehicle parking space in comparison to independent buildings.

So how will the future of coworking space in Bangkok appear like? While coworking space appears to be tremendously popular, only a small demographic of those who want a workspace lifestyle can be accommodated over traditional offices.

However, with the rising number of young professionals and huge companies opting for this setup, coworking space in Bangkok will remain a popular choice for office buildings in the near future.