Leitz Offers Revolutionized Circular Saw Blade

It does not matter if it is a small business or it caters to industrial production, a good workshop knows that during the cutting process there must be very low vibration created by the circular saw blades in order to produce quality cut and decrease the noise emitted. Leitz has recently launched its latest laser ornaments together with specific material used for damping thus its circular saw blades are expected to have the same effect.

The circular saw blades that are created by Leitz has a new feature which is the laser ornaments which is responsible in reducing the vibration produced during the cutting process. It also helps increase the stability of the blade and helps in giving a quite operation. The advantage of the latest laser ornament is that it produces better quality during the cut, the revolution per minute is higher and noise is further reduced during the process. Leitz partnered with the Stuttgart University’s Institute for Machine Tools in designing a special type of damping mass which is used as filler for the ornaments. It reinforces the dampening of the vibration and as a result the positive effective if the laser ornaments are fully realized.

Through the reduction of the cutting force the energy utilized by the circular saw blades can also lowered. Once the cutting width of the blades is reduced, there will be a decline in the resulting waste material therefore increasing the production yield. The blades performance when it comes to other working materials has also been improved through the optimization of its tooth shapes as well as other factors. Leitz is also on its way to researching other materials which can be used as an alternative such as the tungsten carbide and diamond to greatly improve the performance of the blades.

According to the head of research and development at Leitz, Andreas Kisselbach, they have another focus which is to continue to increase the circular saw blades’ stability. Nowadays, it has the ability to process various types of working materials.

For a better performance and high quality cutting result, it is recommended to use diamond saw blades.