Lessons From London’s 1952 Catastrophic Fog

Many Londoners still consider fog as a natural occurrence. For others, fog is a catastrophe that can change a sunny blue sky into a blinding fog that envelope a city. With lack of visibility normal life comes to a halt with flights delayed, rail transport stopped temporarily and road traffic extremely hazardous for motorists and pedestrians.

In December 1952, when London experienced a catastrophic fog, they refused to accept that human consumption of fossil fuel is the real reason. Even people today still refuse to believe that climate change is being caused by the burning of fossil fuel for energy. During that London fog that enveloped London, Churchill asserted that it was nothing more than an unusual event.

For years, experts knew that fog that is more than just water vapor; it contains fine particulates and acidic gases from the cities’ small coal fires. For many generations, coal was used by Londoners for heating, cooking, transport, manufacturing and lighting. Coal was later supplemented with gas or electricity derived from fossil fuel.

Because of London’s large population and its dependence on large quantities of relatively dirty bituminous coal, it has suffered from blinding fogs for generations. The problem is aggravated during winter months when the chilling weather and the lack of sunlight prompted residents to increase coal consumption.

Usually, the breezes will carry away the smoke-filled fogs within hours or sunlight burns its away but there are occasions when fog persists and grows worse. When this happens, everyone in London is severely affected. Aside from limited visibility, people find it more difficult to breathe when there is a heavy fog and hospital admissions spike.

The time of the year and type of weather play major roles in the formation of a fog. For example, if a fog occurs within weeks of the winter solstice where daytime is shorter than nighttime, the fog can be more persistent.

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