Lighten Up Your Home: Tips To Enhance Indoor Lighting

Lighting is important. It is very important, it impacts the aesthetics, the aura; the feel of something. It decides whether a painting is good, or perfect, and it decides which photographs are truly worth immortalizing. It can even decide the function of your home.

Problem is, indoor lighting can be tricky to work with, and mistakes are quite common. Sometimes, it’s tiny errors such as getting the wrong bulb for a lamp, sometimes, they’re large mistakes, such as a house not having enough daylight flowing in. Here are some tips to help with indoor lighting, before you decide to buy those LED lighting strips on impulse.

  • Natural Lighting. Let the sunlight into your house. From a window, door, skylight, etc. natural lighting gives spaces an open feel, making them feel larger, and has been known to help alleviate negativity. Pragmatically, daylight cuts down the electric bill, as you’re less dependent on the electric lights around your home.
  • Use mirrors. As we’ve mentioned before, natural lighting makes a space feel larger, and having a big, if not outright oversized, mirror in your home to make it feel large. Combined with the right colour of paint, usually brighter, glossier finishes like eggshell, to reflect as much light as possible around the room to give it that bright, widely welcoming fell.
  • Good lighting gives a home feel and function. Introducing layers into the lighting of a home allows for more light for aesthetic or functional choices. For example, ambient light acting as general lighting, such as daylight or from a chandelier, can act as the first layer, followed by task lighting; ie. lights for specific tasks, such as LED lighting strips in the kitchen or desk lamps for the drawing table. Accent lighting can follow, which is generally flourish; it adds ambience to the home, should that be your fancy.
  • Have the right bulbs. This one goes without saying, but having the right bulb for the right room does wonders for indoor lighting. Whiter lights are better suited for bathrooms and the like, while yellower lights give living rooms that warm feeling.