Luxury Drug Rehab Intended For Gays And Lesbians

Sadly, and for a number of reasons, gays and lesbians suffer disproportionately high levels of substance abuse and addiction within their communities. Not long ago gays had few options when looking for a drug rehab that would meet their needs with sensitivity and respect, and fortunately, that has since changed. Gay and lesbian alcoholics and addicts can now choose to recover with in a gay and lesbian luxury drug rehab that demonstrates a sensitivity and awareness to the issues of the gay and lesbian communities.

So which is better, gay only or mixed drug rehab?

Research on the issue has shown that gay and lesbian addicts do just about as well in either, providing that their concerns are addressed and issues of sexuality are overtly covered in therapeutic sessions. Gay and lesbian addicts who have gone through the formal recovery process report that they want and need to have staff members address their sexuality as a factor in abuse and recovery, and not have to bring it up themselves.

Obviously, no one can recover in an environment that does not treat them with respect, and that does not treat their concerns as valid and legitimate. Any luxury drug rehab under consideration needs to espouse an awareness of the unique challenges facing gays and lesbians in recovery, and also maintain a fervent atmosphere of acceptance and tolerance, not only from the staff, but also from all addicts participating in shared recovery.

Group therapy

A universal in recovery programs, group therapy can give a lot of insight and hope to addicts during the month of rehab; but for group therapy to really work, all have to participate honestly, and without holding back out of embarrassment or shyness.

This is essentially the deciding point over what type of rehab is right for you. If you are comfortable sharing openly your history, your challenges and your feelings in a group of mixed sexuality addicts in recovery, then you may benefit equally in a gay specific rehab, or in a tolerant mixed sexuality rehab.

Be sure to inquire as to the policies of tolerance of any luxury drug rehab under consideration. You hope that the facility can pay lip service only to equality and fairness. Whatever rehab you choose, ensure that they walk the walk of tolerance, and don’t only talk the talk while lusting after your admission check.