Making The Most Of Your Digital Ad Budget

Here is one of the cruelest facts for online advertisers: Out of the $23 billion that will be spend on advertising, a huge chunk of this amount will just go to waste. It need not be this way. If you just tap the services of professionals and experts in the field of advertisement then you will certainly get the return of your money. If you operate in the Australian continent or even in the other parts of the globe, you can most certainly ask the services of Oliver Wood Perth. He is the owner of Digital Monopoly, a trusted company giving services in digital advertising.

There are actually some effective approaches in displaying advertisements which will eliminate waste and that will certainly deliver better value to your ad campaign.

As online spending on advertisements is projected to grow even beyond 90 percent five years from now, there is a good chance that this particular line of media channel will be part of your marketing strategy mix. But whether you will be spending a few thousand dollars or millions of money on digital advertising, you will always want to see results. You can follow the following guidelines to help you achieve this.

– Cover the mobile and desktop. Every now and then, new statistic comes out about the increase in the usage of mobile gadgets and the higher ROI comes from smartphones and tablets. Desktops are deemed to be dead by some surveyors. Do not be overly deceived by these reports, you need to stay above the fray and ensure that you are visible on all devices: mobile, desktop and others. Through trying these different platforms, you will eventually decipher which of these platforms deserves more dollar investments from the rest.

– Ensure to buy viewable impressions. Not very long ago, advertisers were very much vulnerable against impression fraud and some fake display of advertisement impressions which is accounted for about 30 percent of the online traffic. You can cut down this ad fraud by buying the viewable impressions and not the standard advertisement impressions. This will save you money in the long run and will keep you safeguarded from attackers.