Meeting The Demand For Plus-Size In The Market

Dale and Waters shared how some women who have plus sized clothing have struggled and how the change on the industry’s view is making a positive effect. According to Hannah Olson, a size 16 when she was in high school, she has to sew her own clothes in order to wear something that will fit her. This is because of the lack of plus size stores and boutiques where she can shop for ready to wear clothes. If she ever did find plus size clothing in the department store, it is not something a high school student who aspires to be stylish would want to wear.

With her desire to have something fashionable and plus size to wear, she learned how to sew. She found resources online and eventually she was able to master some complicated skills. It was then that some family and close friends noticed her talent and asked her to make custom pieces. It was the start of her career and she decided to open her very own fashion line called Hannah Caroline Couture.

Hannah is now 19 years old and is studying at the University of Nebraska. She still sews custom pieces as a part time job and she shared how she is able to accept at least four orders every month. Olson believed that at some point in time, plus size women will stop running to the department store to find something disappointing but would rather go straight to a designer who can make them the clothes they want and need. She does not think it matters if the local retailers are going to do something about the plus size problem as there are people like her who will make their own while communicating directly with what the customers want.

The plus size industry has taken in sales of around $17 billion and there is still a big opportunity for retailers and designers to fill in the demand. According to a survey, 65% of the women in America are considered plus size yet there is no additional market to meet the demand. Many big brands and stores does not even have available plus sizes for their clothing. In the recent years though, slowly more and more retailers are offering shoppers with additional options when it comes to plus size apparels.