Michigan Strategic Fund Provides Support For Business Expansion And Revitalization

There are two types of Tax ID’s that are required when you open a business in Michigan – the Federal Tax ID or EIN and the State Level Tax ID. It is very easy and convenient to obtain EIN in Michigan because application is available online through the IRS website, Michigan State website and other websites.

Business climate in Michigan is very favorable because of the range of projects for business expansion and community revitalization. In Lansing, support is provided to a new dairy processing plant in Greenville and the expansion of an auto manufacturing facility. Both companies received Michigan Strategic Fund approval that continues to help in economic activity across Michigan. The additional investment made by Antolin Shelby including the jobs generated will underscore the strength of Michigan’s automotive industry talents.

The projects are expected to generate 868 jobs out of the total capital investment of $154 million. Creating jobs for its residents is actually the goal the strategic funding. Foremost Farms, the new milk processing plant in Greenville that received funding is expected to elevate the profitability of Michigan’s dairy industry.

Grenville Venture Partners that is a subsidiary of Foremost Farms is planning to establish 55,000 square foot dairy processing facility in Greenville to provide an outlet where current surplus in milk supply can be processed. The project is expected to generate 33 jobs from the total capital investment of $57.9 million.

Michigan Strategic Fund has approved a private activity bond inducement that is valued at $12 million as support for the project. The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is also providing support for the project through $500,000 grant from the Food and Agriculture Investment Fund. The city of Greenville has plans to support the project through 12-year property tax abatement worth $2.33 million.

Businesses in Michigan should always remember that the government will always look for the EIN on all government forms and documents. Fortunately, the process to obtain EIN in Michigan is easy and convenient through online application. You simply need to choose the legal structure of the business that you wish to get an EIN for, submit the application form after it has been filled up properly and wait for the number on your inbox.