Motorcycle Made Through 3D Printing Using Metal

If you are planning to buy this beauty then you should know that it might be too late for that. The Light Rider, which is an electric motorcycle made through 3D printing, is a limited edition and only 50 individuals will get to be the owner of this motorbike. The 3D printing was done using an aluminum alloy that is very lightweight. The Light Rider is a product of APWorks’engineers, a company based in Germany. These engineers are the same ones that are responsible in designing and building metal parts that have been bionically modified with the help of AM or additive manufacturing. Their resulting products are those that are used in various industries such as robotics, aerospace and automotive.

The frame of the Light Rider resembles a skeletal system compared to other typical machines. The motorbike has organic shapes due to a method that was applied when using software for 3D printing. APWorks is a subsidiary of the company Airbus and their engineers made use of bionic algorithm in order to create the structure of the frame using OptiStruct by Altair. With the help of this algorithm, the materials used are optimized and the structure of the frame has a high level of stiffness.

The frame was created with the use of layers made up of 60 micron and stacked by thousands while the foundation is a bed covered with metallic powder. The bed uses laser powder and it weighs only about 13 pounds or 6 kg. The material used is 100 per cent Scalmalloy which is a material grade used for aircraft. It has a high resistance to corrosion, and is made up of alloys from aluminum, magnesium and scandium. APWorks together with Airbus Group R&D are the ones that developed the material for AM. Because of the hollow parts of the motorbike, integration of components such as screw-on points, pipes as well as cables is easier during the finishing of the structure. This is also one of the reasons why the motorbike weigh less despite the motorcycle parts attached to it.