Movie Costumes Displayed At The FIDM Museum

The recent exhibition by FIDM features the greatest movie costumes that were used in the past year. 100 and more costumes were featured in a total of 23 films. Five of the costumes included were nominated in an Oscar for Best Costume including Into the Woods, Mr. Turner, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Maleficent and Inherent Vice which is also featured in the galleries.

The exhibition held at South Park was launched 10th of February and is ongoing until the 25th of April. The museum hours are from 10 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon, every Tuesday until Saturday. No admission fee for all visitors.

The exhibit was launched just weeks after the nominations for an Oscar were revealed. It was very lucky for the museum to have collected five of the contenders in the Best Costume category. Kevin Jones, costume historian at FIDM, shared how preparations are done one year before the launching of the show. As of the opening, staffs of the FIDM Museum are already checking out movies that are showing in theatres to prepare for the exhibit next year, 2016. Upon announcement by the Academy, 80% of the preparation is already done.

FIDM has quite a collection because of the museums graduates that are currently working in the film industry and also because of the good relationship between the clothing designers, film studios and the museum. Not everything is accomplished easily. There are quite a few challenges along the road when it comes to tracking down costumes that have been used in a film especially if filming and premier is quite a long time.

Other challenges are encountered if costumes travel halfway across the world while others are being collected by private persons. Some costumes may be brought back to the studio while some are gone with the actors who used them.
Even before the Oscars Best Costume winner was revealed, Jones has already spoken up about his preference to Maleficent’s costume. The materials used in the costume are eel skin, fish skin and leather which give the material a unique look when struck by light.