New Government Campaign Seeks To Protect Queenslanders Against Electric Incidents

Ask any electrician in Gold Coast, electricity can be a dangerous thing. Which is why the professionals being as highly-trained and heavily regulated as they are; the dangers electricity can pose is not only real, but potentially fatal.

Sadly, 6 incidents across Queensland have reminded the local residents of the fact in a rather dark manner. In response to this, and the general concern for safety with regards to working with any electrical device, the WorkCover Queensland’s Industrial Relations Manager Ignazia Graziella “Grace” Grace launched a government campaign last April 5, Wednesday. The aim of the campaign is to safeguard Queenslanders from electrical incidents, encouraging local residents to ask their local electrician in Gold Coast to install additional safety switches for their home wiring.

When asked about the campaign, Ms. Grace stated that a single safety switch for a home might not be enough, and asked Queenslanders to have their electrician install additional ones, for safety. She expresses that these safety switches save lives, and that alone is reason enough for her campaign.

Ms. Grace elaborates, stating that circuit breakers cut off power to appliances and equipment in case of electrical problems and protects them, safety switches accomplish the same for people. She states that these switches detect issues in the electrical line, whether a faulty power point, malfunctioning appliance, or an accidental disconnection during renovations or housework.

Safety switches are a mandatory safety feature in power and lighting configurations in the country, required in new homes being constructed, rentals, and retrofitted into older homes. The safety switch is not necessarily a new feature, having been available on the market for some time now.

Ms. Grace has stated that a safety switch only works for the circuit is connected to, adding that it may not cover all electrical circuits in a home, which, according to her, is why the campaign is being launched. She expresses concern with this fact, stating that one safety switch may not suffice.

The six incidents across Queensland brought on by electrical shock in homes would likely have been prevented with safety switches. Ms. Grace has used these tragedies as reminders of the necessity of not just getting additional safety switches installed, but in ensuring home safety.