Olean City Council Talks About Financing Tree Lopping Services

Members of the city council are expecting to be able to go through with the plan to cut down trees that are considered to be potential risks as they are located in rights of way. They are just waiting for the funding necessary to implement the plan. They will hire a tree services contractor such as the ones hired for tree lopping Perth.

The members of the city operations committee under the council are expecting to be presented with a new plan for their next meeting which will discuss the fund required to cute the trees depending on the level of risk it poses. John Crawford, a member of the council, said that he will talk with the forester in the city in order to create an updated list of trees that are potential threat to the people around the area and they will talk about the possibility of it being cut down.

In a previous discussion, the finance committee proposed a funding worth $45,000 which will be used to cut down 13 trees while there are 26 trees that need trimming. The proposal did not go through because they think that the list of trees was not assessed depending on the risk but rather they determined the list from the complaints they have received. Two out of the 13 trees that are listed for removal have already fallen due to wind storms and the list has been reduced to 11 trees.

Paul Gonzalez, president of the council, said that despite the numerous discussions they have had regarding the tree program, they haven’t reached any conclusion yet. He suggested that a new list should be drawn depending on the level of priority and not just the complaints of the public.

They are now struggling to determine how much budget to allot. As of the moment, the city has around 4,000 trees which all have owners but they are located in rights of way of the general public. In cases such as this in Australia, tree lopping Perth is also contracted to do the elimination to ensure the safety of the community.