Ongoing Learning For MITA Employees

Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA), a public sector agency in Malta that influences the ICT policies, programs and initiatives, got Information Systems Limited to offer Skillsoft’s e-learning programs in Information Technology, Project Management and technical skills for a year to more than 100 of its staff.

ISL initially did a three-week pilot program for chosen employees at MITA early 2016. The agency has decided to appoint ISL on a one-year enterprise-wide license where staff from different departments will take advantage of the e-learning programs, which got positive feedback from the pilot participants.

Information regarding the Skillsoft e-learning software

Every one of the MITA employees are going to access the e-learning program via the skillport 8i platform of Skillsoft. The advantages of using this platform include: easy and fast to deploy, not needing any applications to be installed on a personal computer or laptop; the e-learning content is completely accessible 24/7 for a year using a web browser; it is mobile-, desktop- and tablet-ready; content can be re-accessed or revisited for a year; and it has web accessibility.

The Skillsoft e-learning software also works with some assistive technologies, which allow persons with disabilities to make use of the information in a computer that they will have difficulty accessing somewhere else.

It supports these assistive technologies: a screen reader software, converting text to audio; shortcut keys for every mouse actions; substitute images replacing animated graphics; and removal of refresh rates of screens that causes seizures to a few individuals.

MITA benefiting from e-learning programs

ISL did 3 familiarization sessions to take the MITA participants on tour of every e-learning program they are given access to, as well as to provide them an idea of the expectations.

MITA Human Resources Manager, Jesmond Mizzi said that they are confident that the Skillsoft e-learning programs will equip MITA to realize its 3 core components: its transformation, innovation and excellence approach.

ISL Director Simon Calleja-Urry said that they are proud about Skillsoft’s programs being accessible to users, including those having disability, so the whole team picked by MITA to follow the programs can get the full benefit through the best way possible.

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