Pacific Receives School Desk And Chair Donations From Auckland Schools

It can’t be stressed enough that education is very important for the kids. While some kids have it easy, others on the other hand are met with certain struggles along the way. Take for example the kids in Kiribati. While many pupils in New Zealand take for granted the fact they can use desks that come from reputable providers of office furniture in Auckland and can even sit in comfortable chairs, some schools on the other hand are wishing that they will be granted these basic amenities.

One Auckland school principal on the other hand hopes that his pupils will come to the realization that they are very lucky where they are right now. He wants them to understand that unlike them, some pupils long to have the things that they have in their school. He hopes that they learn this lesson through the donation act that the school is making to the pacific nation of Kiribati.

Forrest Hill School which is located in the North Shore of Auckland collected a container full of chairs and desks and these were already sent to some of the schools in Kiribati. They also have further plans to collect books and are hoping that they could fill a second container. The shipping on the other was handled by the Furniture for Schools Charitable Trust.

What could have prompted the donation from Forrest Hill School? According to Trustee Callum Blair, a director of school security company, he observed that many desks and chairs were only being disposed of, rendering them useless. He says that these are no longer usable in schools, the community or the environment.

Instead, the trust paid for containers and transport because they saw a high need for the chairs and desks in the Pacific.

The said project started two years ago. They already sent 52 containers of education equipment and furniture to the Pacific since then. Rangeview Intermediate School which is located in TeAtatu also donated goods to Kiribati.

While they already sent several containers for this cause, they are looking forward to more donations since they saw a need for more. Many kids in Kiribati do not have reliable school chairs and desks similar to the ones sold in businesses that offer office furniture in Auckland. A lot of them just lie on the floor. With the efforts already started by the likes of Forrest Hill School and Rangeview Intermediate School, maybe it’s about time that other schools take notice of their charitable acts and also donate for this cause.