Packing Tips For Your Holiday Vacation In Maldives

There are many beautiful islands all over the world with a tropical climate and crystal clear waters but nothing beats Maldives when it comes to sophisticated holiday destinations. Instead of the standard buffet that is offered by many hotels, luxury beach resort Maldives serves ala carte cuisine and gourmet dining by the light of the moon.

If you are travelling to Maldives, be prepared with chic clothing for every single day of your stay. The first step in preparing your travel wardrobe is to determine the weather seasons in Maldives. Peak tourist season is between December and April when there are little to no rain showers. There are two seasons – dry and wet but Maldives remains to be a piece of paradise even when under the rain.

Since it is difficult to make an exact prediction of the weather, make sure that the holiday wardrobe includes basic t-shirts, slim jeans, skirts, silk cami tops and comfortable shoes. Additional pieces will be determined by the activities that you wish to participate in. Clothing that you can wear in many different ways is suggested. Don’t forget that little black dress in case an evening event suddenly pops up.

Since the amount of clothing you can bring along with you is limited, you need to be clever with packing otherwise; you have to do a little shopping when you reach the destination. Since a holiday vacation must be a pretty relaxing trip, do not forget the loose linen shirts that can double as cover-up for your bikini. You are lucky because sunbathing under the sun and swimming do not require too much clothes.

However, one thing that you should anticipate when packing is an unexpected tropical storm with rains and a drop in the temperature. Pack something warm just in case but not the heavy overcoats and thick hoodies.

A combination of art and nature is what you can expect to find in the luxury beach resort Maldives including fascinating water adventures. There is an art studio where you can be creative when the mood hits you or you can ride a boat, dive and snorkel to experience marine life and colourful reefs.