Painters Working Their Way To Restore Clermont’s Citrus Tower Back To Its Former Glory

There was once a time when Clermont’s Citrus Tower, a Lake County landmark, was one of Central Florida’s top tourist destinations. Unfortunately, not all good things last forever. Time has not been good with the known landmark and its orange glow that painters painted decades ago have almost completely faded. For about 60 years, Citrus Tower has stood on the county and has attracted a lot of tourists over the years. But as time went by and the appearance of the tower deteriorated, so did the number of tourists who come to visit.

Greg Homan has been the main caretaker of Citrus Tower since he became its owner sometime in the mid90s. He says that although not many people in the country know where Clermont is, they would always know if they have visited Citrus Tower and that although the tower has been existing for six decades now, its view is still something most people haven’t seen.

Visitors would often say that they have something to do and that there always seemed to be something else coming up that is why they have never have gotten to see the tower before.

Homan knows that all too well. In fact, he has heard people who have lived in the area 10 to 15 years who have never gone up to the top of the tower.

Now, tourists aren’t the only problem the tower faces, its paint have also gone and faded.

Back when Clermont’s Citrus Tower’s popularity was at its peak, the first thing that many people would notice about it is the bright orange stripes that adorned the tower.

And now, Homan wanted to bring that back that is why he decided to spend $80,000 in an attempt to bring back the tower’s former glory.

He had hired a number of painters to work on the painting job for the tower.

One of them, Francisco Tapia, said that it would be good for people who wish to see the outside in a different way and from up above.

One visitor, Terry Oldham, had wanted to visit Clermont’s Citrus Tower for quite some time and now he was finally able to do so with his family.

He said that he loved it, especially the marvelous view the tower has to offer. The painting job is expected to finish in a month.