Parents Can Now Find Compatible Home Tuition With New Website

Home tuition is starting to become a norm for parents and students in Singapore. This is why a team decided to develop a new website that will make it possible for parents and students to find the compatible tutors for them with assurance of reviews from previous and current students.

It is common to see online advertisements by home tutors in Singapore but not all of them are trusted to provide high quality services to students. This is why Yooda was created and launched last year in July. The founder of the website service, Mr. Samuel Huang, found out that 70 per cent of the parents he interviews are only relying on word of mouth when looking for tutors compatible for their children.

The name Yodaa was derived from the famous character in the movie franchise Star Wars Yoda. It was also from the word yada which is Hebrew and means “to know”.

Mr Huang, 28 years old, shared that they have come to be aware of the tuition industry in the country and it is quite common to be done home-based nowadays. Parents are now turning to forums online or recommendations from friends and colleagues regarding the best tuition agencies. Mr. Huang is a graduate of business and finance from the National University of Singapore.

He, along with his team, developed a way in order for word of mouth to be available online thus the creation of Yodaa. The website currently has tuition agencies available from Primary 1 students until junior college. These agencies have tutors that can teach different subjects such as Technology, Design and the basic Chinese literature.

As soon as the parents logged on to the website, they will be asked to fill out the tuition needs of their children, how often they want to have home tuition classes and the following subjects they want to hire a tutor in. Their current school will also be asked along with other essential information. They have to wait a maximum of 24 hours because they receive custom quotes from five different home tuition agencies along with the contact details. As of writing, 80 to 100 parents are checking Yodaa monthly and it contains a database of 3,000 tutors.