Phuket’s Marriot Lays Claim To Numerous Asia Pacific Property Awards

The Phuket Marriot Resort and Spa at Nai Yang Beach, standing tall amidst the many Thailand beach villas in all over the country’s beaches, have just managed to walk away from the Asia Pacific Property Awards with numerous honours for the luxury hotel.

The resort, located on the North-western coastline of Phuket Island, had a successful night during the Asia Pacific Awards this year, merely a year following the hotel’s opening on June last year. The luxury resort managed to win several awards from the committee. This victory is being seen as a sign of the high standard set even from the design stage, which the resort is striving to maintain. If the awards that the beachfront property won are any indication, the standards are, indeed, being met.

The Phuket Marriot Resort & Spa, Nai Yan Beach’s General Manager, David Ippersiel, made a statement, saying that the first year of operations for the resort have been great. He adds that he and the hotel staff are grateful for the accolades received, and extended his appreciation to the guests and associates of the resorts, who he says is to be thanked for the success of the hotel’s first year of operations.

He then added, that the resort’s goal is build a strong reputation on the global market, as well as ensuring excellence in anything the resort undertakes, claiming that the awards are a good motivator and reminder for what the resort should be aiming for: improving the quality of hospitality Phuket, and across Thailand beach villas.

The awards won by the resort are as follows, with accompanying notes:

  • Thailand’s Best Interior Design Hotel: Prior to the resort’s opening last year, it underwent a considerable amount of renovation, costing millions of dollars. The result was a stunning low-rise property that artfully melds contemporary and classical Thai design elements for the best beach resort experience.
  • Thailand’s Best Wedding Venue: The resort’s spectacular choice of site means that it is one of the best venues for destination weddings anywhere, with the soft waves of the Andaman Sea serve as backdrop to a wedding held on soft, silky sands.
  • Asia’s Best Wedding Venue: Phuket is now becoming the wedding destination of choice all over the world. The resort, with its private beach, is capable of ensuring that their customers experience their dream wedding, as the resort is capable of hosting different types of ceremonies.

The Asia Pacific Property Awards is a yearly award that celebrates excellence across the sectors of real estate and property across Asia and the Pacific, with entries from places like Japan, China and India, and even, Australia, and as far as Turkmenistan.