Pirelli Colour Edition Tyres Now Available In Australia

Those looking for some high quality tyres in Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia was recently greeted with good news this September of 2017 when Pirelli revealed that they would be making available to the country’s market the new Pirelli Colour Edition tyres.

According to Pirelli, this move was due to the country’s unusually high demand for personalized coloured tyres, in spite of the usually high prices associated with those types of tyres. The Italian tyre manufacturer then decided to bring in their latest range of personalized coloured tyres.

Andrea Clerici, Pirelli’s Managing Director, stated that the company their initial plans of making the tyres available only to 10 countries went a bit of revision due to the particularly high interest for the new tyre range, with her describing the move as basically a ‘Why Not?’ idea. The new tyres are only available for Australia via online purchasing methods.

The new range are the Pirelli Colour Edition tyres, which the company launched alongside the new Lamborghini HuracanPerformante, and are based on another range from the brand, the P ZERO performance tyres. The range comes in four colours to fill the P ZERO name and tyre side wall or personally customized by the customer as desired. As mentioned before, this new range is online purchase-only, and reach the country via airfreight on a by-order basis.

Pirelli revealed that their Australian arm will not keep stock of the tyres, as they treat them as custom-made, by-the-order tyres from Italy, treating them akin to a tailored suit.

Clerici states that these tyres are for a very specific customer niche, meaning it is not for the common driver looking for discount tyres in Brisbane; they are for a market that’s willing to spend an extra for something custom-made for them.Clerici describes the tyres as akin to tailored suits, more expensive and longer to make due to the customization associated with them. The waiting time for every order is expected to be somewhere between one to two months, depending on the colour of the tyre chosen.

Clerici clarified, saying that for the standard colours of yellow, red, silver and white, it would take about a month. For the more custom colours, the factory needs additional time in order to produce the right colour.