Planning The Funeral Of The Queen Is Not Morbid

When Queen Elizabeth II missed Christmas service for the first time in 30 years, there was much concern over the health of the 90-year old British monarch. After all, British monarchs are not immortals. However, the leading institutions in the United Kingdom will never be caught off guard when the inevitable happens.

The death of the Queen will likely be the biggest event in British history particularly since Queen Elizabeth has sat on the throne since the death of King George VI in 1952. The presence of television and social media in today’s technological age will amplify the coverage and the global significance of the sad event.

It is expected that the funeral will have a huge global significance which requires logistics and timing for what will be a big ceremony. The Queen’s body will lie in state at the Westminster Hall with an estimated 200,000 members of the public to pay their respects. It is estimated that more a million bouquets will be placed outside the gates of the Buckingham Palace similar to what happened when Princess Diana passed away in 1997.

Based on the advanced arrangements, the funeral will likely be held 12 days after the Queen passes away. The coffin will be transported to Westminster Abbey through a gun carriage along a carefully planned route. When Princess Diana died, officials did not expect the scale of response and they had to make late adjustments to the route of the funeral procession so that the huge crowd will be accommodated.

Planning for a funeral while an individual is still alive sounds morbid but the Queen is pragmatic about this thing. She has approved the arrangements including any significant changes. She is not sentimental about the advance funeral arrangements but actually shows a keen interest to details. However, everyone hopes that the sad event will be a long way off.

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