Portishead To Build A Sports And Leisure Complex

Property improvements and constructions are going on in many parts of the UK. Even residential properties hire landscapers such as Greenside Landscaping Bristol to improve the aesthetics of their homes. Portishead might be expecting a grand construction soon as there is a plan to build a sports and leisure complex in the area. The expected funding could reach multimillion of pounds and the complex will feature a skatepark, new pitches and a fishing lake.

The proposed project is being spearheaded by the Portishead Town Council together with Portishead Town Football Club trustees. They are planning to build the complex next to the Portishead Football Club located at Bristol Road.

The new project is expected to impact the existing Portishead Football Club as the scheme unfolds.

The sporting project has received pledge from an investor and they have already appointed the architect to handle the project. As of the moment, they are still drawing the plans for the complex which is going to rise adjacent to the football club in the area.

The construction site will include the field under the Clevedon Fishing Club, the sports field used by the Gordano School and a piece of land that acts a grazing field for horse. They have already foreseen the land to be used as a sports and recreational establishment.

The site of the football club will not be touched unless they have already completed the new sports and leisure complex. The big project will have three football pitches and all are full sized. It will also have six different training pitches designed for the Portishead Football Club’s member in the mini and junior category. They are also going to build changing facilities, bar and a clubhouse.

Portishead Pirates Netball Club will also have their three netball courts inside the complex. The entire site will also have complete landscaping. This is a necessary aspect as many commercial and even residential properties are hiring companies such as Greenside Landscaping Bristol to handle their landscaping needs. Landscaping will not only make the site more beautiful but it also add value to the whole property.