Psychologist Says Claims Self-Esteem Improved After Unfollowing Certain Accounts On Instagram

Young or old, a lot of women like to scroll social media sites and stare at the fab bodies of other women posted in here. One psychologist and fitness blogger, Stacey Lee, is encouraging others to keep it real through her Instagram account. She wants other women to understand that photo manipulation is very common these days and that a lot of those posted online have already been edited in Photoshop.

And the unrealistic photos have become detrimental to the younger girls too. In fact, some of those who do not meet the ‘standards’ are bullied in school or online, being called by peers as fat or even ugly. It’s no wonder many are now in need of the servicesof a psychologist in Melbourne – social media has become a tool where people post super sexy bodies where they are led to believe that these are indeed real. The same trend can also be seen in traditional advertising campaigns. Splashed on billboards and magazines are women with super tiny waist with abs.

Lee on the other hand pointed out on one Instagram post that the perfect pictures that people see on social media and advertising campaigns are a product of several takes. She also posted a picture of herself, showing some tricks on how a woman could look fitter for the camera. In one post, she showed her audience how a simple change in posture and clothing could make you look like you have the flab or the abs. In another post, she showed a real picture of herself and then edited the same picture using Photoshop. She seemingly wanted to show the world the ugly truth to the perfect pictures of women that they often see online.

Struggling with self-image is now considered a serious matter. In fact, some women suffer from it to a greater degree and needed to consult with a psychologist in Melbourne. Lee slams the edited photos posted on ads because she thinks that these send messages that a person is not good enough. She encourages the public to have realistic goals. She also says that as soon as she stopped following accounts that made it a point to post pictures of people processed in Photoshop, she started to regain her self-confidence back. Younger girls and other women could really use her advice.