Reasons To Hire A Drain Cleaner

One of the things that you should remember is that, not all drain issues require a professional plumber or drain cleaner from Fresh Flo. Some drain issues can be resolved by simple DIY techniques. However, there is certain drain cleaning problems that would really require the expertise of a qualified plumber for these problems to be provided with solutions. Some of these instances is when you have attempted some DIY but the problem persisted. Also, if the draining problem requires using the right tools and equipment, you would really have to call an expert for the job. Here are some other reasons for you to call a drain cleaner:

Recurring clogs. If you have tried declogging your sink or shower drains but nothing happened or the issue kept recurring, it is time for you to call a professional plumber of drain cleaner. While it is normal to get your drains blocked every once in a while, a repeated problem means there is a much more complicated problem that requires thorough attention.

Slow drain. If you noticed that the water is not draining as it normally does, there is something definitely wrong about your drain or pipe and you should call an expert from Fresh Flo before the situation worsens. Do not wait until the water finally stops flowing before you call a qualified drain cleaner.

Several clogged drains. When you noticed that several of your drains are clogged, this means that a more serious problem concerning your piping or waste water system is involved.

Foul smell from the pipes. Another reason for you to call a professional drain cleaner is when you noticed that sulphuric stench reeks from your pipes. This is an indication that something is rotting within the pipes and it needs to be removed right away. Call a professional drain cleaner to resolve the issue because they are the ones who have the right equipment and the right training to solve the problem.

Flooding. Another reason to call an expert from Fresh Flo is when there is water flooding in your sink or your bathroom floor.