Record-Breaking Teacher Strike Occurred In West Virginia

If you have a VA Tax ID then you might be aware of the recent news related to the latest tax cut. In the case of Virginia, the worst strike has been witnessed after teachers as well as public employees came together to close down schools all over West Virginia. The strike lasted for over a week and they were storming the Charleston’s capitol everyday to admonish the lawmakers.

They are asking a big raise since their pay has been stagnant for many years and they also want to hear the lawmakers’ plans regarding the increasing premium charges imposed by health care program to employees of the state.

According to West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy’s director, Ted Boettner, the legislators claimed that they do not have the money to afford the raise. The teachers and public employees believe that they cannot afford because of the large tax cuts that have been imposed.

Ten years ago, West Virginia decided to cut down the taxes for certain business which is deemed to have been useful increasing the salaries of the teacher – a thing that has not happened since four years ago. The money could also be used for Public Employee Insurance Agency because they have a shortage of fund or it can be funneled to PEIA which is a top concern for majority of the workers.

Now lawmakers are faced with budget gaps while they try to find a solution to the record-breaking strike that caused schools in 55 different countries to shut down. In an attempt to end the strike, a tentative proposal that was announced by Governor Jim Justice who is a Republican which states that school personnel will receive a five per cent increase while state employees will get three per cent. Workers did not believe that lawmakers will make do with their promise therefore the walkout continues.

Business, on the other hand, are benefiting from the tax cut as long as they have VA Tax ID but Boettner thinks that if the state government decides to use the tax cuts revenue for teachers then the strike would not have happened.