Removalists In Melbourne Did Modelling For A Cause

For the second year, a team of Sydney removalists decided to do their yearly modeling gig in order to raise funds for a cause. Last year their goal was to provide funds for services to be given to victims of domestic abuse. This year, they are raising money in order to help people who are in danger of losing their homes.

The 2017 calendar of the company will be sold and all profits will be given to the Merri Outreach Support Service which is an organization that is based on a community that aims to aid men and women as well as children. The organization has been operating for over two decades.

Jackson Kite is one of the models in the calendar and has been working for one of the removals company. He is the face of the month of February. According to him, this year’s project aims to help those who are homeless because they are often the ones who had to pack the belongings of those people and they are moved into accommodations dedicated for people in crisis.

He added that their calendar last year was met with enthusiasm thus they decided to do it again this year despite the fact that the shots can be very hilarious. They felt good about raising money for the campaigns so they did not think twice about doing it the second time around.

They even had a lot of fun when it comes to choosing who play as Mr. Christmas. In the end, all of them had fun because of the theme of the calendar which is hipster and bogan stereotyping.

They were asked if the calendar is going to be a yearly tradition for them and he said that there is a precedent already so it only makes sense for them to continue doing it.

They are hoping to encourage others to also do their part because they might only be working as Sydney removalists but they know that they can do more in order to help those in need.