Rising Economy Creates Positive Impact In Thai Tourism

The tourism industry of Thailand is expected to increase steadily even in the coming second and third quarters of this year. This can be attributed mainly to the domestic economy of the country, which is starting to improve as well as the high number of tourists arriving in Thailand. Many tourists now prefer to enjoy their vacation at a pool villa near in Bangkok rather than go to other countries, whichare considered high risk.

According to the president of the TCT or Tourism Council of Thailand, Ittirit Kinglake, they are expecting that the number of international tourists coming this second quarter will reach 8.04 million. This is higher by 6.4 per cent compared to the same period of last year.

The council also forecasts that in the third quarter they will be welcoming about 8.75 million international visitors in the country. This number is 6.4 per cent higher when visiting the year-on-year data.

The Tourism Council of Thailand also revealed the confidence index of their tourism operator for the period of the second quarter. The index went down to 101 points, which means that the tourism industry is now situated at a normal level. The index is expected to have an average of 102 points for the entire year.

When looking at the index, the Tourism Council of Thailand expects that the number of international visitors this 2017 is going to reach 35.1 million. This will result to an income of 1.82 trillion baht.

The Tourism Council of Thailand also said that the arrivals along with the generated income will continue to rise at 7.8 per cent and 9.8 per cent respectively.

One of the reasons why the indexed improved is because of the stronger economy during the second quarter. Another factor is that many of the tourists prefer to visit Thailand instead of high-risk countries including Taiwan, Middle East and South Korea.

Firms and property developer are also banking on the stronger tourism in the country thus it will come as no surprise if new hotels or pool villa near in Bangkok will be opened to the public soon.