Russian Military Aircraft Intercepted By NATO Near Latvia

A Russian military aircraft was reported to be hovering near Latvian airspace. NATO jets responded and intercepted the Russian military craft.

On Tuesday night, the Estonian radar was alerted of an aircraft that was cruising over the Baltic Sea according to a statement given by NATO. There were no other Russian military aircraft on flight except for the one detected and intercepted.

NATO immediately responded to Estonian report and sent jets to identify the aircraft. NATO later identified the aircraft as belonging to the Russians which also safely flew into Russian airspace after it was detected.

NATO did not clear out how many aircrafts were involved. Several aircraft flights have been sighted since last year as Russia is doing military exercises. The Northern Fleet of Russia is on full combat alert. There are 40,000 troops and 50 warships involved in the military exercises.

The ongoing military exercises caused fear to Russia’s neighboring NATO countries including Latvia. Hundreds of troops from the United States and combat equipments recently arrived in Latvia for NATO training. Nations surrounding Russia are also fearful on what the Russian President’s next move would be.

Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President, led the mob of Russians in Moscow’s Red Square to celebrate the first year anniversary of Crimea’s annexation to Russia.

Different groups condemn Russia’s annexation including NATO. The Russian government’s move was perceived to be illegal. The US presence in the Latvian soil would hopefully discourage the Putin administration from illegally grabbing territories of nearby countries.

Despite global condemnation, Putin happily announces Crimea’s annexation dubbing it as a “reunification”. He also further stated that Crimean residents have always wanted to be part of Russia.

Last year, there were several sightings of Russian aircraft in nearby countries. The Secretary General of NATO said that alliance fighters intercepted warplanes coming from Russia closing in to NATO countries at least 400 times. This activity by the Russians was not seen since the Cold War.

Norwegian fighter jets also photographed several Russian warplanes swooping in the area. Finnish fighter jets also intercepted different Russian bomber planes.

The continued military exercises by Russians continue to spread fear in neighboring nations and one could not help but wonder if there is a dreaded war ahead.