Sell Your Home Faster With Pop-up Furniture

The family of Philipp Reichardt was looking for a new home in one of the suburbs in San Francisco – Brisbane, California. They have toured and visited numerous houses already when they were taken to a house that was staged in the most beautiful way. The staging was so perfect that Reichardt was able to picture himself and his entire family living in the said house for many, many years. Reichardt’s niece who is already 10 years old was so excited with their new home that she decided to jump on the bed in the room that she decided will be her new bedroom. As soon as she did that, she hit the floor because the bed has collapsed. Reichardt was laughing as he recounted the story and added that the agent was very terrified right after.

As it so happens, the home was only staged using a combination of furniture that are real and some that are just pop-ups. Reichardt shared that all of the beds inside the house as well as the large couches are revealed to be pop-ups. These are not obvious because they used blankets and sheets to cover them. He also added that he did not expect the beds to be pop-up since some of the furniture is real.

Home staging has been an ongoing practice for a long time now but the recent trend is the pop-up furniture used in staging. It is now becoming the common practice in the biggest metropolitan cities including San Francisco, California and New York, New York where staging is already being practiced. Now staging is being done by using pop-up furniture that is made of corrugated plastic instead of the usual expensive real furniture used under lease.

According to a real estate agent from Century 21 Everest Realty Gorup located in Midvale, Utah, Justin Udy, many homeowners make do with pop-up furniture especially if staging using real furniture is not allowed by their current budget. For those who have recently moved into their new home, the summer sale is on at BMS so check them out.