Serving China With Danish Goods

Danish and Chinese diplomatic relations have been continuing for a long time. Denmark and China have just celebrated its 65 years of establishing its diplomatic relation with a gala dinner and a seminar that was focused on agriculture and sustainability at the Great Hall of People in Beijing last March 11, 2017. The Danish Ambassador to China, Mr. Friis Arne Petersen, has stated that Denmark was one of the first Western countries who recognized and established a relationship with People’s Republic of China and this relationship has served both nations very well. He also stated that the celebration marks the long and continuous friendship between the two (2) nations as Denmark was the only one to a diplomatic presence in China for a long time.

Trading and business have been good for both nations. Denmark has specifically seen a rising number in their exportation figures and China has become one of its largest trading partners through the years. Denmark has seen a growth rate of more than 44 percent in its exportation to mainland China from 2011 to 2014. Cooperation and growth are also observed in more areas such as areas of social affairs, legal, anti-corruption, foreign policy, and defense.

After the seminar that was done, Chinese and Danish companies showcased their products (such as Danish watches.) The gala dinner was then done and it was attended by a number of diplomats and representatives from both countries. Representatives and officials from different companies also attended the gala, during which performers from both Denmark and China collaborated to produce a presentation for the gala.

This relationship was further celebrated with the event that was done the day after just outside Hangzhou, China at Alibaba’s HQ. This VIP was attended by representatives from both Chinese and Danish governments and companies as well. There were 30 Danish companies that were exclusively chosen to be part of the event which included companies from different industries including Danish watches.

Building a lasting relationship between nations is difficult. Keeping this relationship and intact is a far more difficult task. However, events and celebrations such as the events that happened to celebrate the 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two nations is a reminder of the good that it has done and will keep on doing, to grow and move forward together.