Southern Australia Attacked By Mass Number Of Millipedes

A pest controller who is based in South Australia has been receiving calls recently of homeowners complaining about the number of millipedes that are showing up in their houses. When the number of pests continues to rise, pest removal in Sydney must take action immediately in order to eliminate them.

Southern Australia is currently suffering from the influx of Portuguese millipedes that are showing up in people’s bedrooms and bathrooms. They are also present in walking tracks as well as furnishing roads wherein one can accidently step on them.

According to a pest control specialist in South Australia, he has been summoned to handle the millipede problem in various establishments such as child care facilities, buildings that are currently being developed, facilities for the aged and even private residential properties. All of them are looking for someone to solve the problem of the tiny pests invading their spaces.

Many people are getting tired of seeing them everywhere but they just can’t seem to eradicate them. You can see them everywhere you go. Almost everyone in South Australia is currently complaining about the population of millipedes in the area.

They have been seen in strange place where they don’t normally stay and there are instances wherein an entire wall has been occupied by them.

When the weather is hot and dry, the millipedes will hide away but when the rains of autumn and spring come, they find it the perfect time to come out. They will emerge in droves as they find favourite food which includes decaying wood, fungi and leaf litter.

Millipede is equivalent to the phrase “a thousand feet” but they are able to have as much as 350 pairs of feet in their entire lifetime which can lasts for up to two years. When they were hatched, they only had three pairs to begin with.

The residents are complaining about the need for pest removal in Sydney because whenever they accidentally step on the millipedes, they release a pungent smell that is designed to repel predators. Residents need not despair though because all they need is the right chemical and to cover up all cracks and crevices in order for them to have no access. It is also recommended that all leaf litter should be cleaned regularly.