Spring Basket Weaving Workshop To Take Place At Spectrum Generations Coastal Community Center

Basket weaving has been practiced for hundreds of years and up till now, the art is still existing and not only that, it is thriving and growing. In fact, there are many companies like Paper Mart that produce and sell Paper Mart baskets to a wide number of people. Many centuries ago, baskets were one of the most convenient items that every household should have. Although the use of baskets has become limited in the modern age, probably due to the innovations in plastic ware, it is still widely used.

Baskets can be used in a number of ways. When there is a certain occasion like birthdays, you can customize a basket and fill it with goodies to give to the celebrant. You can use baskets as a display to further enhance the appearance of your living rooms. Not only that, you can also use baskets to carry fruits and other light items. Baskets can also become a source of income for many people and Mare’ Lemay knows that all too well.

With Mare’ Lemay’s guidance, there will be a spring basket weaving workshop. People are being encouraged to come and join the workshop at the Spectrum Generations Coastal Community Center at 521 Main Street in Damariscotta.

In this workshop you can learn how to make and weave your own New England tote. This basket’s pattern is an old standard. It is very spacious and its design is very appealing. The New England tote basket is very functional as it can carry your everyday things.

Before you can join the workshop, you would have to pre-register because the number of seats is only limited and the supplies to be used would need to be pre-ordered. Registration is only until April 17. Upon registering, you will be given a list of all the things that you would need to bring for the workshop.
Always remember, only by your hands can you attain great satisfaction.

The spring basket weaving workshop will be taking place on April 23 and 30. It will begin at 9 am and ending at noon.