Spy Headset – An Irreplaceable Device For US Secret Service Agents

US Secret Service agents are closely associated to black suits, dark shades and the spy headset that goes into their ear. The device is used to monitor what is going on around them so that they can immediately respond when there is danger. Traditional earpieces that the Secret Service agents use are very obvious and you can easily differentiate them from the bad guys.

If you are wondering what the Secret Service agents feel with that thing on their ears, it is discomfort. The agents frequently suffer from ear fatigue particularly since they are connected to a radio for 12 to 16 hours every day. This is the reason why you sometimes see the Secret Service agent’s spy headset draped over the ear and hanging out with the volume of the radio turned high so that they can hear instructions even without an earpiece plugged on their ears.

The new eHero earpieces have made the speakers smaller than the average ear canal so that there is hardly any contact with the ear. EHero has also made the earpiece quite covert so that you will not easily identify that man seating on a bench as a member of the Secret Service. Agents are hard to miss when they have an earpiece with a wire hanging on their neck.

Another element of the covert earpiece that the Secret Service agents hate is the sound. Many of the agents feel that they will eventually lose their hearing because of sound pressure. With the new eHero earpiece, the ear is not totally plugged so that sound pressure is released. Since the earpieces can be worn on both ears, even if the volume of the radio is turned down, the sound is still clear. Any fears about future hearing loss are not possible.

The spy headset is irreplaceable in situations when you need secret assistance. It is not necessary for everyone to know that there is a covert operation going on. Even security guards can benefit from the cover earpiece because they can communicate with other guards without the crowd knowing what they are doing. The device is indispensable in keeping a situation under control.