Summer Is Over And Your Boiler Needs Inspection Before You Switch It On

British summer has officially ended. Homeowners will be switching on their central heating. However, is the boiler functioning properly? Has the boiler undergone inspection and maintenance? According to Home Insurance, a broken boiler is one of the most expensive items in the home to repair or replace. It can cost an average of £3,442 to fix.

Boilers usually have the habit of breaking down when it is least expected. A breakdown is also possible during a cold snap or when the home is full of guests during a Christmas party. Loss of heat and hot water can be very inconvenient. Another serious concern is the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. With boiler installation costing thousands of pounds, it is important to prioritize preventive maintenance.

According to Geoff Barker, business development director of an energy firm, there are ways to ensure that the boiler is healthy. Radiators must be bled regularly and clutter removed in the boiler room to allow ventilation. A system flush will get rid of debris and lime buildup. Pressure must also be checked regularly to ensure that the boiler is operating at its maximum capacity.

Replacing the boiler requires a big investment but in the long run you can save a lot of money on fuel bills. Modern boilers can cut the fuel cost by at 15%. New smart boilers can be connected to the internet so that minor problems can be fixed remotely saving on those call-out charges.

Executive director of Age UK Home Insurance Doug Strachan says that boiler service must be done at least once a year by a Gas Safety registered professional otherwise the insurance company will refuse to pay for a boiler breakdown. Home emergency cover usually includes boiler or central heating failure including other winter issues like blocked drains and burst pipes.

A boiler breakdown is one of the issues that most homeowners want to avoid. If the boiler or central heating has not been inspected, call Cliff from Glow Flow Ltd to ensure that your home remains warm this winter season. Cliff has built a good reputation for prompt and professional service.