Thailand And British Embassy Collaborate On Foreigner Driving Licenses

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Thailand’s Department of Land Transportation in partnership with the British Embassy in Bangkok is going to improve the procedures of driver’s licenses for foreign nationals all over Thailand. The improvements will focus on the process of obtaining a driver’s license, increasing awareness on the specific risks that are unique to Thailand roads and recaps on internationally recognized driving standards.

The collaboration will improve the understanding of foreign nationals and protect their rights as road users under Thailand laws. At present, foreigners can obtain a Thai driver’s license after undergoing relevant training on the laws and rules followed in Thai roads and undertaking both practical and written tests.

According to Margaret Tongue, deputy head of mission for the British Embassy, the collaboration with Thailand illustrates that both countries have the same aim of improving driving standards and raising awareness on risks that are present on roads. Through the development of engaging and easily accessible materials, British people and other foreigners living in Thailand will benefit.

Based on the results of a survey conducted with British customers that need consular services, it was revealed that the partnership has helped in the development of 3 initiatives that include the production of a 45-minute instructional video on the English language, road traffic laws, road usage and safe driving and etiquette. According to the embassy, more than 1 million British visitors are welcomed by Thailand every year. Thailand is also the second home of 50,000 British nationals and their families.

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