The Benefits Of The “How To” Content In Online Marketing

Even with its simplicity, how-to guides have become one of the more frequently used content forms in online marketing. The name says everything: the goal is to instruct the reader on various methodologies for a particular goal, whether that involves fixing or building something, accomplishing other actions or behaving in specific ways.

The benefits of how-to guides

Tackling customer problems

How-to guides usually tackle a specific customer problem – and having solutions to problems is the primary reason for companies existing in the first place. By tackling a problem, traffic will not only be filtered to target customers, but also increase a company’s credibility. It is important that customers see a company as experts, even before making a sale, according to LennoxPros.

Acquisition and retention

With the exact topics, how-to content is helpful for attracting new audiences and keeping the existing ones. Not only is it appealing for customers that are finding solutions to problems, it also rewards loyal customers with constant value provision.

Optimizing keyword phrases

How-to content usually involves keyword phrases which customers search for. This helps produce new keyword ideas, thus adding to the SEO campaign at the same time. Ultimately, this helps the ranking in search results and result in organic traffic to a site.

Acquiring early-stage leads

Generally the how-to content centers on early-stage leads that help create visibility for a brand. However, a content’s focus can also be modified for later-stage consumers.

Doing better than the competition

Offering a more detailed, more practical and better content is way to outperform the competition. Customers find brands who are willing and also able to assist them. The content helps customers first-hand while giving brands more credibility and expertise to go above the competition.


How-to content is very shareable. When people find a guide which help them, they normally like to share it with family members and friends in order to spread the knowledge.


It also helps that a brand has a great online marketer or an online marketing company that helps them put great content out. It is important that every business recognizes the importance of content marketing to reap the benefits from this strategy.