The Binding Story Of A Lost Diamond Engagement Ring And A Carrot

For some people, they may be having a hard time choosing the right diamond engagement rings in Melbourne but there are those that have found the one but lost the ring in the process. This is what happened to a woman from Canada, Mat Grams, who lost her engagement ring back in 2004. She was gardening, pulling out weeds and cleaning when she noticed that the ring is no longer in her ring finger. In a report made by Canadian Broadcasting Corp, she thought that the ring is gone forever.

She did not have a chance to look for the ring as soon as she realized she lost it because Brian, her son, had made a call to her about needing a ride in order to get to the fields of the family farm where they will be harvesting grain. The farm is located in the southeastern part of Edmonton.

According to the 84 year old woman, she came back right after and looked for it. She spent the following days looking for it but she was unsuccessful. They have exerted every effort in finding the ring and she thought that she may have lost it to the rototiller.

She said that the ring was given to her by her husband in 1951, a year before their wedding date. A couple of weeks after losing the ring, Grams decided it was time to find a replacement.

She did not tell her husband about the lost ring and her husband does not have any idea that she got a new one in place of the old ring.

Thirteen years after the incident of the lost ring, it shows up in the very same garden which is now owned by Brian.

Brian recounted that his wife was harvesting carrots when she saw something attached to one of the carrots. She showed it to Brian who thought it was the same ring that her mother had lost. Gram was very happy and promised to place the ring somewhere safe whenever she needs to work outside. Couples in Australia who are hunting for diamond engagement rings in Melbourne should take a page from Gram’s story and make sure they take care of their precious diamond rings.