The Challenging Job Of A Process Server

The job of a process server is not everyone’s cup of tea because of the risks involved while performing the duty. A process server is usually employed by the court but sometimes, he also works for sheriffs and law firms. Process servers have to deliver by hand legal documents that inform a person to appear in court due to personal injury or divorce cases. In many instances, it is not easy to physically deliver summons to someone who refuses to accept it but once the papers have been served, the job is done.

There is nothing personal to the job of process servers but many individuals do not seem to understand particularly if they are facing a difficult situation. Some persons can be reasonable and they understand that it is a duty on behalf of the plaintiff or injured party. The process server does not expect to be assaulted but there are certain individuals who would rather take the law into their hands than receive summons peacefully.

A retired member of An Garda Siochana in Donegal was in fear of his life after being assaulted when he was serving court summons last week. He suffered from a fairly sustained and brutal attack in the Letterkenny area and while there were no broken bones, the cuts and bruises on his face and body have to be treated at the hospital. Investigations were made by the Letterkenny Garda Station and they confirmed that there was another assault on a process server sometime back. Being a retired member of the garda does the not exempt the process server from facing the risks of the job.

People should not blame the process server if they do not like the message. Legal documents have to be served in person and they have to be accepted in a civil way because the process server is no way connected to the legal case.

The Process Server simply does the job upon the instructions of the court. It’s just a job; nothing personal. Every citizen has the right to be informed properly when summoned by the court. The process should not be too challenging and life threatening.