The Freezing Fog Experienced By The United Kingdom

When a thick fog covered the United Kingdom, it resulted into traffic chaos and serious accidents. A bus crash early in the morning at the M40 resulted into 17 people being rushed to hospital for the treatment of cuts, bruises and broken bones. A massive pileup at the A40 resulted into one fatality and more than a dozen injured individuals.

Drivers have been warned to be extremely cautious as they navigate the roads because the combination of fog and icy roads can be lethal. It is important for drivers to be patient to complete their journey safely. Tires must be properly inflated and windscreens de-iced before traveling.

Most of Britain was under the grip of a freezing fog where the tiny droplets of water that are in the air create an opaque sheet that usually limits visibility. From the official aviation definition of fog, visibility will be less than 1,000 metres. On the other hand, Met Office describes a condition as thick fog when visibility drops to below 180 metres. Dense fog is the term used when visibility falls below 50 metres. When there is dense fog on the roads, it can result into a severe traffic disruption.

Freezing fog which is being experienced in the UK means that droplets of water fall to below freezing point but remain liquid. When water hits a vertical surface like a lamppost, it freezes to form feathery ice crystals that are called rime.

The most common type of fog which is termed radiation fog can occur over night as the earth cools to result into a drop in temperature in the air that is nearest land. The ability of air to hold moisture is reduced to allow condensation and fog to form. However, radiation fog usually clears up when the sun rises and the grounds start to get warm.

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