The Holiday Season Was A Stressful Time For Couriers And Amazon

Last month was a stressful time for both businesses and customers because of fear that many might not receive their Christmas presents in time due to the lack of delivery drivers. It was a problem in the national scale during that time. Christmas time was also a busy season for interstate couriers in Melbourne because of the overwhelming number of deliveries.

The Twitter page of Amazon was frequented by angry customers because the online retailer was not able to keep its promise regarding speed of delivery. At one time, in just a single day, the company received over 140 complaints.

Hermes’ twitter page was also full with complaints from around 250 disappointed customers. They are known to deliver among huge retailers such as Zara and Debenhams.

Five days from Christmas day was a hectic time because many are worried that couriers will not be able to handle their backlog. During the same time, ASA or Advertising Standards Authority has expressed their intention to conduct an inquiry if there is a violation in Amazon’s part.

The company has Prime subscription wherein the members are required to pay $79 annually with an assurance that all their orders will be delivered the following day.

Aside from the fact that there is a high demand during the Christmas season, the lack of drivers made matters worse.

The Twitter page of Hermes is flooded with complaints regarding lost packages and unresolved problems. Rik Mullins, one of their customers, complained that a notification was sent to him regarding his order being left on the porch but he has no porch in his property.

Hermes is also responsible for delivering in behalf of Amazon, Boohoo, Next, Topshop, John Lewis, ASOS and Tesco. Looking at the amount of Christmas delivery, Hermes is only second to Royal Mail.

According to Which?, a consumer group, consumers have the right to get a full refund if the retailer did not deliver based on their promise. In the case of interstate couriers in Melbourne, they were able to deliver everything on time despite the spike in delivery.