The Increasing Applications Of Drones In The Modern World

If technology companies were to be allowed to do whatever they want, you may be seeing drones as often as you see smartphones on a daily basis. Facebook has a goal to provided internet access for every through the use of drones that are hanging on the stratosphere. Google, on the other hand, wanted to venture into delivering food business with the use of their quadcopter while Amazon has already applied for a patent for its shoulder-mounted drone designed specifically to aid police officers.

The latest commercial drones available today are equipped with lightweight radios as well as cameras. These are packed with batteries that are made from lithium ion to ensure that the time of its flight last longer than a few seconds.

These accomplishments may just be the tip of the iceberg because Silicon Valley is onto a big change that will upgrade drones more than ever – with the use of automation coupled with artificial intelligence.  This is the fear of many. The time will come when drones no longer need humans in order to operate and when this time comes, its applications will be far greater than ever imagined.

It may have been used in different tasks before such as delivering small packages, medicine as well as takeaway food but it will see greater things in the future. People will no longer need scaffolding in order to paint their houses because a smart drone will be able to accomplish this in an instant. Drones could play a lot of roles in various industries, sports and agriculture. They can be used to search for missing hikers, give prompt response in case of burglar alarms going off and they can also be used as speed cameras on mobile applications. According to Uber, autonomous drones will one day have the capacity to transport humans from one place to another within cities.

These things are not happening yet because of the huge technical challenges according to Ryan Calo who is a professor working in the University of Washington. A number of PhD theses must be accomplished in order to do those futuristic things, not to mention the task of keeping the drones afloat for longer times.

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