The Journey Of A Certified Medium

The industry of psychics has evolved and with the advancement of technology there are a lot of online psychics whom you can easily reach.

Can the dead communicate with the living? This is apparently true for psychics and mediums. If you want to converse with someone from another spiritual dimension, psychics and mediums would insist that you seek their help. But should you really be doing this practice? Is this not an abomination to your religious beliefs? You need to seek the truth and make your choice.

Mediums and psychics alike are now parading the online world. Some of course are frauds, waiting to pounce on someone and take advantage of their situation. There are online psychics though who are legitimate. To ensure that your psychic is genuine, read some reviews from and determine for yourself if the psychics are legitimate.

The practice of mediums, ushering into the world of humans those that have departed from this earth, has also become increasingly popular. Debra Jordan was only 10 years old when she recounted that she began to see spirits of dead people. She saw the spirit of her deceased uncle and it scared her at night. This extraordinary gift propelled her to study metaphysics in the 1980s. In 2004, she moved to Florida and became a full time medium. A medium is someone who aids in bridging communication between the dead and the living. Jordan became a part of the program known as Hope for Humanity. She took classes through conference calls for six months.

In 2006, she visited the Southern Cassadage Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association in Florida and it was in this meeting that she decided to be involved more. She began attending spiritualist meetings every Sundays at Colby Memorial Temple.

It took Debra Jordan about five years of study before she received her certification. After receiving the certification, she then conducted her first reading as a professional medium. According to Janie Owens, the pastor of Colby Memorial Temple, the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp is the oldest existing spiritualist camp located in the south.

This journey of Debra Jordan proves that being a medium or a psychic is not an easy journey. It takes a lot of hard work, focus and time in order to master the craft.